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    Academic Calendar – 2015-16 
    (SEMESTER - I - MBA Programme )

     Commencement of Semester I

     3rd August 2015

     Orientation Day Program

      6th August 2015

     Regular Classes

     3rd Aug to 10th Dec 2015

      Announcement of Live Projects for Module V

     Latest by 20th Aug 2015


      Workshop on Excel

     14th Oct – 16th Oct 2015

      Diwali Vacation

     9th to 21st Nov 2015

      Viva Voce

     1st to 5th Dec 2015

      Remedial Tests

     7th Dec to 14th Dec 2015

      End of Semester 1

     15th Dec 2015

      Parul University Exams

     28th Dec 2015

    Academic Calendar – 2015-16 
    (SEMESTER - III - MBA Programme )

      Draft Report submission of SIP

     20th July to 23rd July 2015

      Final Report submission of SIP

      25th July 2015

      Regular Classes ( 9.30am to 4.30pm from Monday to Saturday) ( Except during exam days )

     27th July to 25th Nov 2015

      Orientation Day Program (10.00am to 1.00pm )

     28th July 2015

      From 9.40am to 12.35 pm : Regular Classes
      From 1.20pm to 4.00 pm : Mock Viva voce of SIP

     29th July to 31st July 2015


      First Internal Examinations

     14th Sep – 17th Sep 2015

      Mid Term Examinations

     12th to 17th Oct 2015

      Module V Viva Voce

     5th to 8th Nov 2015

      Diwali Vacation

     9th to 21st Nov 2015

      Remedial Examinations

     23rd Nov to 30th Nov 2015

      End of Semester III

      30th Nov 2015

      Tentative GTU Exams

      3rd Dec 2015 onwards

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title Details of the Resource Person
    1 Prof. Madhura Tilak Carrer Opportunities for MBA students in Financial Services Sector Mr. D. C. Anjaria, Director IIFS, GNFC & GSFC
    Ms. Bhavika Wanchoo, Centre Head NSE Ahmedabad
    Mr. Ravi Sanker
    2 Prof. Pinakin Jaiswal Risk Management Dr. M Venkateshwarulu, Professor of Finance from NITIE, Mumbai
    Mr. D V Pathak, DGM (Finance), GSFC
    Dr. S. Sundanarajan, Professor, Faculty of Management Studies, M.S.U
    Mr. Hitesh Sethia, Domain Expert and Sr. Manager from FTKMC
    Mr Pravin Naik , MBA (XLRI) , Equity Consultant
    3 Prof. Kosha Nair & Dr. Mitsu Patel HRD the Change Agent Dr. Anil Khandelwal, Former Chairman and M.D Bank Of Baroda
    Mr. K. Ganeshan, Head , Talent Acquisition , TCS
    Mr. Amit Karandikar, General Manager HR, Atul Ltd.
    Mr. S.V.Nathan, Director-Talent, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd.
    Dr. Aquil Busrai, Former Executive Director, IBM India Ltd.
    Dr. Paresh Kariya, Director Business Development Strategy JV Co. OTIS Ltd., Mumbai
    Mr. Vinay Kumar, Executive Director GSPC
    4 Prof. Amita Garg Poster making competition on topic "Women Entrepreneur" organized by Women Development Cell of PIMR Judged by Dr. Bijal Zaveri
    5 Prof. Swapneel Tank Rang De Project. Sponsoring Company PRISM Ishwar Subramaniam & Thomas Daniel
    6 Prof. Apoorva Kamthania Entrepreneurship Development Mr. J. C. Shukla
    Faculty Development Programme - 2013
    Workshop on "Practical Nuances of Investing in Stock Market"
    Workshop on "Application of Industrial Relations in Human Resource Management"
    Workshop on "Basics of Marketing & Case study of Amul Brand"
    Workshop on "Financial Planning of Young Investors"
    Seminar on "Start Up"
    Seminar on "Emerging Trends in Compensation Management"
    Faculty Development Programme on "Tally 9.1"
    Sr. No. Department Semester Name of Company No. of days No. of students No. of faculties
    1 MBA 3rd Shankar Packaging 1 120 2
    2 MBA 2nd Elecon EPC Pvt. Ltd. 1 120 3
    3 MBA 2nd GEA Pharma Systems India Pvt. Ltd. 1 120 3
    4 MBA 2nd Heubach India 1 125 3
    5 MBA 2nd CEAT Tyres Pvt. Ltd. 1 120 2
    6 MBA 2nd Baroda Moulds And Dies 1.5 120 2
    7 MBA 2nd Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd. 1 120 2
    8 MBA 2nd Hindustan Coca-Cola beverages private limited 1 120 2
    9 MBA 2nd Hindustan Coca-Cola beverages private limited 1 125 2
    10 MBA 1st Gujarat Alkalkies &Chemicals Ltd 1.5 65 2
    11 MBA 3rd Dupont (India) Ltd 1.5 40 2
    12 MBA 1st GEA Pharma (I) Ltd 1.5 30 1
    13 MBA 1st Bombardier I Ltd 1.5 30 1
    14 MBA 1st Conmat I Ltd 1.5 58 1
    15 MBA 1st Panasonic Batteries Ltd 1.5 55 2
    16 MBA 1st Shankar Packaging Ltd 1.5 30 1
    17 MBA 1st Kaizen Switchgear Ltd 1.5 30 1
    18 MBA 1st Shankar Packaging Ltd 1.5 30 1
    19 MBA 1st Kaizen Switchgear Ltd 1.5 30 1
    20 MBA 1st GEA Pharma I Ltd 1.5 30 1
    21 MBA 1st Bombardier I Ltd 1.5 30 1
    22 MBA 1st ABB Ltd 1.5 30 2
    23 MBA 3rd Mundra and Kandla Ports 4 57 2
    24 MBA 2nd Mundra and Kandla Ports 4 57 2
    Expert Talk on "Mantras for Higher Degree Result & Achievements in Financial Service Sector"

    Expert talks in the year 2013-2014




    Mr. Pawan Dubey

    Probationary Officer, Canara Bank

    Carrers & Products in Banking

    Ms. Laxmi Panwar

    Key Relationship Manaager, ICICI Securities

    Carrrers in Banking

    Expert talks in the year 2012-13


    Designation and Organization Details

    G V Narayana Chairman Emiretus , Excel Industries Ltd

    Shri. A P Singh

    Formerly  Sr. Vice President (HR) RIL

    Shri. Yashwant Sinh Pawar

    VP (HR) , Apollo Tyres Ltd

    Shri. Deepak  Dhoomse

    GM (HR) , Heubach India Ltd

    Shri. Sandeep  Purohit

    DGM – HR , GIPCL

    Shri S R Kulkarni

    Head  (HR) L &T Power

    Shri B K Basu

    CEO , L &T  Sargent Lundy

    Shri. Vikram Pandya

    CEO , Shankar Packaging

    Shri . Vikram Singhal

    CEO , Gulbrandson Technologies

    Shri . V Arvind

    CEO , Khaizan Switchgear Ltd

    Shri.R K Baheti

    President – Finance , Alembic Ltd

    Shri Captain Vaishnav

    Vice President (Legal ) and Company Secretary , Bayer ABS Ltd

    Prof. Kiran Joshi

    Professor , M S Patel Institute of Management

    Dr. J H Shah

    Chairman ,Market Creators Limited

    Shri. R M Kapadia

    Management Consultant , Former Sr. Vice President – Alembic Ltd

    CA. Chirag Baxi

    Partner , K C Mehta  & Co ,

    Prof. Rajnikant Jani

    Dean , GH PIM , SPUniversity

    Dr. Anil Kane

    President , World Renewable Energy  Association  

    Shri S K Raijada

    President ( HR and MS)  Piramal Glass Ltd

    Shri. Santosh Chaudhari

    Associate Vice President – eJtrade

    Shri. Percy  Bharucha

    Managing Director , Kallurpur Co-operative Bank Ltd

    Shri. Achal Rangaswamy

    President –Marketing – Bell Ceramics Ltd

    Shri. Maulik Bhnasali

    CEO , Netweb Solutions

    Shri. Hemant Trivedi

    Professor , MICA , Ahmedabad

    CA. Neeraj Majumndar

    Practicing CA

    Dr. Neelesh Shah

    Advocate , Corporate Consultant , Patent & Trade Mark Advisor

    Shri. Nitin Oza

    Chairman , Surat Management Association

    Shri. L Sundar

    Former VP in Marketing , Bayer ABS Ltd

    Ms. Vibhuti Bhatt

    CEO , One Advertising Ltd

    CA Kothari

    President Rajkot Management Association

    Mr. Ajit Jain

    General Manager , Godrej Ltd , Ahmedabad

    Ms. Geeta Goradia

    MD , Jewel Brushes Ltd and President  , FGI

    Ms. Avisabalvala

    President , VCCI , Baroda


    CEO , Conmat India Ltd

    Prof. Sharad Bansal

    Coordinator , BBA Programme , MS University

    Mr. Kashyap Upadhyay

    Director , GEA Pharma Systems (I) Ltd , Baroda

    Mr. Dilip Jadeja

    Director , Bombardier , Savli , Baroda

    Mr Amit Desai

    Former VP ( F & A) , ASE Ltd and Head , EMRI , Gujarat

    Mr. Dilip Kumar  Dash

    Deputy General Manager ( Corporate Communications ) , ONGC

    Mr. Dhaval Shah

    Consultant in Forex and former  Branch Manager , Cholae Manadalam Ltd

    Mr. Ketan Patel

    DGM ( Six Sigma ) –Black Belt  , Linde Engineering  India Pvt Ltd

    Dr. Hashmukh Patel

    CFO , Gujarat Alkalies Ltd , Nadeshari , Baroda

    Mr. Deepak Sachde

    Chairman , Rajkot Management Association

    Mr. Sunil Pathak

    Location , Head (IR) , ABB Ltd , Baroda

    Mr. Bharat Darjee

    GM (Training  and HR ) , Netafem India  Ltd  , Baroda

    Mr. Mitesh Kumar

    Chief Manager (HR) , Power Grid Corporation Ltd

    Mr. Rajat Dutta

    Executive Director , Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd , Mumbai

    Mr.Pratik Shah

    GM , HDFC Securities  Ltd

    Mr. Jay Prakash

    Associate Vice President and Regional Head , Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd

    Dr. Bandi Ram Prasad

    President , FTKMC , MCX Ltd , Mumbai

    Dr. Jinesh Panchali

    Vice President , FTKMC , MCX , Mumbai

    Mr. Ketul Contractor

    Assistant Vice President , FTKMC  Mumbai

    Expert talks in the year 2011-2012




    Mr A P Singh

    Senior Vice President, HR, Relience

    Survival strategies in today's businedd climate

    Prof Simon Horsman

    Coventry University, U.K.

    Advances in Financial Management

    Prof Jayram

    Birmingham Univarsity, U.K.

    Teaching Methodology prevalent in abroad

    Mr. K C Sethiya

    President, SEZ, Surat

    Opportunities in manufacturing industries

    Ashul Jain

    Marketting Head, Shankar Packagings

    International Marketting

    Karamjit SIngh Rana

    Central Manager, GETRI

    Developing prefessionalism in students

    Bharat Goswami


    Contemporary issues on HR

    Prof. Dr. N.H.Rao

    Prof., Kakatiya Univarsity, AP

    Emerging Trends in Indian Economy

    CEO Round Table Conferences- 2012-13

    August 2012

    Challenges and Opportunities of  SMEs in India “

    September 2012

    Role of Corporate Communication in Era of  Global Networking

    October 2012

    Business  Ethics  and  Corporate Governance “

    November 2012

    Government t Fiscal  and Tax Policies   and  Industry Dilemma

    December 2012

    Employee Engagement in  PSUs  in Gujarat

    February  2012

    Global  Warming  and  Role of Industry

    March 2012

    M & As  and   Integration  of  Merged Units – HR Challenges

    Sr. No. Name of Faculty Title of Paper/STTP/Workshop Type : Seminar/Conference/STTP/Workshop Level : National/International Name of Institute Attended
    1 Amita Garg Role of Information Technology in Global Management Conference International GTU with Parul Group
    2 Apoorva Kamthania Entrepreneurship NSIC National NSIC
    3 Bhavika Bhatt Green Marketing-Consumer Buying Behaviour and Sustainibility in Globalized Market Conference International GTU with Parul Group
    4 Dipak S Gaywala Microfinance a strategic tool to meet global recession at First International Conference of GTU between 6th,7th & 8th January 2012 Publishers: Excel India, New Delhi ISBN:978-93-81361-78-8 Conference International GTU with Parul Group
    5 Dipak S Gaywala A study of contemporary and emerging regulatory framework of microfinance sector in India Conference International GTU with Parul Group
    6 Divyang Joshi A study on Farmers’ Perception towards usage of Drip Irrigation System International Conference at GTU International GTU and PIMR
    7 Divyang Joshi A study on the Impact of Currency Fluctuation on FIIs’ Net Equity Investment and Indian Capital Market International conference at Parul Institute of Management and Research International Parul Institute of Management and Research
    8 Divyang Joshi Global Financial Meltdown and Working of Foreign Institutional Investors. (Indian Perspective) International Finance Conference at IIM Calcutta International IIM Calcutta
    9 Divyang Joshi Impact of Subprime Crisis on Indian Market International Finance Conference at IIM Calcutta International IIM Calcutta
    10 Jayprakash Lamoria Meeting the Challenges of a Globalised Market: Retailing sector of India Conference National -
    11 Dr. Mitsu Patel A study on Impact of WLB on performance of Managerial cadre with special focus on Manufacturing industry Conference National Easwari Engineering College, Chennai
    12 Divyang Joshi Effect of 2013 Budget’s Announcement on Infrastructure Stocks Conference International -
    13 Divyang Joshi A Study on Stock Price Reaction of Bonus Share Announcement Conference International -
    14 Khyati Shah Changing Dimensions of Deposits and credit of Indian commercial Banks Conference International Nirma Institute Of Management

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