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Alumni Meet 2008 - 09

Venue : C.C.Mehta Auditorium, Vadodara
Date : July 06, 2008
PLASMAA (ParuL Arogya Seva Mandal Alumnae Association) organized an alumnae meet of all the passed out students of various colleges under the banner of Parul Arogya Seva Mandal. Near around 500 alumnae participated in this gala event. It was a very information sharing and emotional gathering for the students and their teachers. On these grand occasion awards for out standing alumni awards were given and all of them shared their views and cherished their memories.

Parul Institute is a precious gem on the crown education. Our students from different disciplines have proved their mettle as committed professionals with excellent and up-to-date knowledge. The Management is happy to acknowledge the loyalty and dedication of the staff and students of the Institute to our 'mission and guiding philosophy'. Parul Institute has become a recognized name in the vibrant and dynamic educational structure emerging in this globalized era, thanks to the combined efforts of our staff and students. Parul Institute plays a vital role in building up the brand image and societal standing as providers of quality education and training. Preparing the young generation to effectively face the challenge of tomorrow is our motto. Our alumni have confirmed that we have been successful in achieving our goals regarding education and professional competence. Our blessings and good wishes will always be with them.

Dr. Jayesh K. Patel
[Managing Trustee]

    It had always been a great privilege for us, especially the first batch of the college, to enjoy the special attention given to us by the college and all our honourable faculties. I would give lots of credit to the college for my overall development, along with my achievements in studies. Any organization is known by its growth record and it is really interesting to know how our college started in a modest way and took great strides in every field possible. The faculties of Parul, who are blessed with great academic caliber, possess the quality of taking initiative in various fields to develop the students in all directions possible. I wish the very best for the bright future of Parul Group of Institutes.

    Varun Joshi.
    (Mechanical Engineering 2003 batch, PIET)

    The respect and recognition we get as the former students of Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology is remarkable. The importance given to theoretical and practical aspects of technical knowledge and competence is unique of its kind. The engineers from Parul Campus are innovative and creative. We are given training in team work and project implementation through various events in the campus. The blend of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the campus life is made possible with a vision. Such opportunities make us 'the fittest” who can survive well in the highly competitive corporate world. It is a moment of pleasure. When I came to know that Parul Institute is planning for an Alumnae Magazine, my joy knew no bounds. It is a wonderful chance to be in touch with our old friends and alma mater. I promise my sincere support to all ventures of the alumnae association.

    Chinmay Mehta
    (Computer, 2003 batch, PIET)

    Parul Institute helped me to equip myself with strong theoretical and technical concepts of engineering applications to face any challenging assignment. With the able guidance of the teaching staff and constant counseling from my brilliant classmates, I got a very good insight into our curriculum. The pedagogy provided an excellent opportunity to enhance my analytical and interpersonal skills by working together in peer groups.

    Fenil Trivedi,
    (Electrical, 2003 batch, PIET)

    When I came to Parul Institute in 2004, it was just like an 'Empire in Making'. Every year, there used to be a new development. When I see this college now, I just want to say 'A Dream is fulfilled'. In college, I learnt that progress is the main thing in life. This college has helped me a lot to enrich my overall personality. This college has always encouraged me to develop extra-curricular skills. I think the cultural week called 'Dhoom' is the best in Gujarat. I can definitely say that, after a few years, when I achieve something in my life, people will say that 'He is from ''Parul Institute'' '. Someone has rightly said that 'Some memories will never die….' I will be there for anything that the college wants or expect from me.

    Manan Shah,
    (Civil -2004 Batch, PIET)

    Life in Parul Institute was an unforgettable experience. My 'future' has been moulded at my alma mater. Any words of gratitude will not be sufficient to express my feelings. I wish all the best to the Institute and its alumni association. I promise to do for the college whatever I can, to the best of my abilities.

    Sagar Dodia,
    (Electronics and Communication, 2003 batch, PIET)

    When I got admission into Parul Institute Diploma Program in Automobile Engineering in the year 2004, I was not much enthusiastic. I did not have hopes for a bright future at that time. The Institute was just entering into its second year. As the semester rolled on, I found myself very fortunate. Brilliant teachers, well-equipped labs, frequent industrial visits and ample practical training: what else do students need! The college gave me a good platform to explore my own talents through several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. After getting a Diploma, I got admission into the Degree course of Formula One (Racing Car) Technology in a reputed University in UK. I am progressing in my studies and am able to prove myself in a competitive environment; thanks to Parul Institute.

    Amish B. Patel, PIET (Diploma Automobile Engineering)
    Hertfordshire, London

    My experience at Parul Girls' Polytechnic has opened before me ways to excellent future prospects. Studying in this college has been a great pleasure. Teachers have given us optimum knowledge. They have helped us whenever we had some doubts or queries in our subject. Our faculty members have also given us proper guidance for our future studies. The management has provided us with the best possible opportunity for proving ourselves. Our college campus is incomparable, with its green and cool environment and state-of-the-art buildings.

    Patel Manali
    CE Dept., 2005 Batch
    PGPI (Co Education )

    Parul Girls' Polytechnic Institute provides a common platform for students like us to showcase the talents and skills. A technical student requires practical knowledge and insight into how things work. Our teachers guide us so perfectly that we become self-reliant as we come out as young engineers. We have been given all support required during our student life. Our College has a well-equipped Computer Lab along with the Internet facility through which we could explore several possibilities and gather knowledge for our Projects during the diploma studies. Students who come from different places get a homely environment at Parul Girls' Hostel. Mess facility and all other facilities are well managed. Security facilities are also provided which make Parul campus a safe place to reside.

    Patoliya Alpa
    EC Dept., 2005 Batch
    PGPI (Co Education )

    Years spent in the lush green campus of Parul Institute have bestowed me with several assets. I obtained knowledge and skills which proved to be my key to professional success. As an individual, the Institute has given me several lessons of life. I do not know how to express my sense of gratitude to the Institute and my teachers. I appreciate the decision to form an Alumni Association. I wish all success to Samanvay.

    Ankita Modi
    (MBA, 2006 batch)

    I am from a small village and my Institute has developed me into a High Profile Professional of Hospitality Industry. I wish the very best for the alumni association and its activities.

    Jignesh Baraiya.
    Parul Institute of Hotel Management

    “The journey of a hundred miles starts with a single step". Similarly, upon my first step into the new world i.e. my college, "Parul Institute of Pharmacy”, I was wondering how would my college life be and how to face the battle all alone? But slowly and gradually, with the cooperation of my classmates, valuable guidance of my faculties and excellent management of our principal which boosted my confidence, I could pursue my goals successfully. Moreover, the supportive nature of my teachers gave me the vision to strive out of my difficulties in my journey of academics. I am proud to proclaim that I am the part of "PIPH family". Hope this trend of sharing knowledge with excellent guidance and management would continue in the future.

    Darshak J Shah.
    Parul Institute of Pharmacy

    The 5½ Years at J.N.H.M.C., Limda campus have been a memorable experience for me which I will cherish throughout my life. For us, it's all the more memorable as we were the first batch of our college. Being the privileged first batch, we cherished the special attention from the faculty. We could focus equally on our studies and also on extra curricular activities. I will always treasure in memory and miss those moments spent with friends and teachers: those class-rooms full of fun and knowledge obtained through lectures that I attended! Hoping we all go a long way ahead in our lives and make our institution proud. Those years at Parul will stay in our memories all our life. I thank all who contributed in making those days so memorable.

    Dhvani C. Buch
    (1st Batch Student, JHMC)
    There are several aspects which give 'Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology' a unique position on the academic map of the country. Our dream is to transform Parul Institute of Technology into an institution of international repute and as we move gradually towards the goal, we become all the more inspired to achieve it. Our alumni have boosted our confidence with their professional accomplishments. I am confident that they would live up to our expectations and their success would make us proud of them.

    Prof. Dr. Rupesh Vasani
    The Principal,
    Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology

    As you know well, the PIET (DS) polytechnic was commenced in September, 2003. Students who have passed out in 2005 and 2006 are the founder members of the alumni association and I am sure that the future is bright in their safe hands. Their every effort in this set up will be a boon for the institute. Dear Alumni, you have gathered a lot of technical skills during your study in our institution and you are acquiring more which you will definitely transfer to our students. So let us try our best to give maximum to each other. I wish you great success in your life and hope you will be always with us as well wishers to enrich our alumni association.

    Shri S.H.Pandya
    The Principal,
    PIET Diploma Studies

    It is a great pleasure for me that the pass out of the 10 + 05 batch, are the founder members of the Alumni Association of PPI, Limda. The expansion and development of the institute depends upon your efforts. So let us organize this association in such a way that it flourishes and expands in all directions. It will boost the teaching learning process of the institution. Your technical knowledge of the field will definitely help our institution. The institution has developed basic skills needed in the sector of competition, telecommunication and Information Technology and will definitely move much ahead.

    J. S. Vaidya
    Principal of Parul Polytechnic Institute

    It is now four years since we started our Two Year Fulltime MBA course and when we look back, we realize how much stupendous the task of providing infrastructure to start a college is, and how committed the entire team (starting from management to all faculty and other support members) was to provide all the necessary facilities and comforts to our students. On behalf of all here at Parul Campus , we thank the alumni for trying to make the best use of the facilities provided by us and above all, we hope that they all fully enjoyed their education and interaction with us . Today, there are nearly 180 students passed out of the MBA programme ( from 2004,2005 and 2006 batches) now in the market and more than any one else , they are our brand ambassadors . My congratulations to all the passed out students of our MBA programme and we all wish them a very bright and joyous career ahead. One of the most interesting features of the alumni activity has been their constant interaction with us by way of group mail and messages and occasionally with personal visits. They have shared their moments of joy and early experiences of real and competitive world outside. Reading the mail, one can sense their enthusiasm to mark their presence in whatever they are doing. I wish all the good luck to Samanvay, the alumni magazine of Parul campus.

    Dr. P.G.K.Murti
    Director MBA programme

    It is a myth that student life in college is totally different from the student life in school. This attitude is generally seen in many a college-going student. Students of professional courses must be more disciplined and focused than the rest. The discipline imbibed in school life in completing every day's work on the same day should be continued in the college life also, to make things easier by lowering the stress levels. Competing is necessary and excelling in competitions is not compulsory. The lessons, learnt by observing champions of every field, make the students complete. Though many students realize this after they pass out of the campus. It is always a friction of morals and attitudes during the period of study in the college. Students are the brand ambassadors of any campus and the rigour they are subjected to is only to make them shine better. More professionalism is required in the outer world and the approaches to succeed are varied. All of this has to be picked up from the campus by being keen observers and also by being a part of a multicultural environment. As the Principal, along with the faculty members, we emphasize this fact only to make the lives of students during their education a pleasure without pressure.
    I wish the alumni the very best in their future and also implore them to contribute to their alma mater in terms of knowledge gained through their experiences in life.

    Prof. Rajesh K.S.
    The Principal,
    Parul Institute of Pharmacy

    It gives me immense pleasure to address the alumni of various colleges of Parul Arogya Seva Mandal. Since its inception in 1990, Parul Arogya Seva Mandal is constantly making sincere efforts to provide quality education in various fields like Engineering, Pharmacy & Medical sciences. Alumni are the ones who reflect the image of the institution in the professional world. The campus alumni magazine will definitely provide the medium by which the past and present students come together to exchange their views and ideas which in turn can benefit the institution at large and students in particular. I take this opportunity to extend my good wishes to the alumni and wish them all success in their future endeavors.

    Dr. Vandana B. Patel
    The Principal
    Baroda College of Pharmacy

    We are the first in Gujarat to start a Diploma course in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, a highly professional, job oriented course approved by A.I.C.T.E., henceforth providing students an opportunity to explore and select a globally accepted career opportunity. We, at Parul Institute of Hotel Management, provide the best knowledge of the Hotel Trade with well equipped class rooms, laboratories and library, under the special care and supervision of professionally trained teaching faculties. Also we have tie-ups with Leading International Chain Hotels of India where a very productive industrial training is provided to the students. Motto of the Institute is: “To carve naïve students into Hotel Professionals with Excellent Hospitality Skills & Personality.” I am confident that our alumni will prove in every moment of their career that we have been successful to put this principle into practice.

    The Principal, HMCT

    This is a matter of pleasure that a campus alumni magazine is going to be published. We hope that the literature published in the magazine will reflect the hidden talents and wisdom of the staff and students. Wish you success at every step you put forth.

    Dr. N.H Joshi
    The Principal - Parul Institute of Ayurved
    You deserve our applause for releasing the Alumni Magazine SAMANVAY. The idea of bringing together past experience and present enthusiasm propagated by you via this magazine wins our heart-felt appreciation for your efforts.

    Dr. H. J. Shukla
    H. O. D. (Mech. Engg. Dept., PIET Degree)

    Success is not a destination it is a continuous journey, marked by Achievements. SAMANVAY gives us the opportunity to convey our best wishes to our Alumnae. May the Strength and Brilliance of Knowledge and Values imparted to the students during their education at PIET illuminate their path and help them overcome the ups and downs during their journey of Success.

    Prof. Vanita N. Thakkar
    (Mech. Engg. Dept., PIET Degree)

    It gives me immense pleasure to see the first function organized for PLASMAA, which provides excellent opportunities for bringing together the alumni of the institute. Such efforts help in Industry-Institute interaction. The Institute has progressed in leaps and bounds within a short span of four years. This is due to the vision and sustained efforts put in by our Managing Trustee, Dr. J.K.Patel and Dr. D.J.Patel. I hope the alumni of the association will also contribute to the progress of the institute. The Alumni Association can organize Seminars and arrange Technical expert lectures from the industry in which they are working. It can also help in the placement of the forthcoming students through their contacts and performance. I wish all the best to the Alumni for their bright future.

    Shri S.M.Damodariya,
    Lecturer (Civil Engg. Department, P.I.E.T.)

    It is a pleasure and privilege to share my feelings with the alumni of P.I.E.T. I believe four years of association of the Faculty and Students transforms this relationship into friendship and ultimately translates into a lifelong bond. Every year, new batches of students replace old ones from the premises; however deep-down in heart, the alumni command an everlasting place of affection. The Electrical Engineering department of Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology plays its due role in attaining the mission, goals and objectives of the institution as well as the Parul Arogya Seva Mandal Trust. It is not that the students merely obtain junks of technical knowledge, competence and skill after joining the Alma mater; but they also experience a radical change in their entire personality. This evolution at this age and stage of life of the students yields valuable results throughout their life. Last but not the least, I am confident that Parul Institute of Engineering & Technology will occupy a core position in the world of technical education and will enjoy a place of pride in the hearts of its alumni.

    Prof. M. M. Pandya
    H. O. D. (Electrical - PIET Degree)

    Alumni association provides an excellent platform for maintaining long term relations with the former students of the institute. The Association activities greatly help current students to interact and share their views with their seniors. This will guide them to bridge the gap between industry and academics. Members who have very good positions in industry can contribute to the institute or department by sharing their expertise with the students and staff members. Placement related issues can be discussed and tackled towards mutually beneficial solution. Alumni members can work towards arranging expert lectures from their industries and help junior students to undergo industrial visit at their premise.

    Prof. Prashant K Shah.
    Asst. Prof (Electrical Department).

    We trained our students to best of our knowledge. We planned for a team coming up with brand new ideas. All the student have worked hard and we congratulate everyone for their continuous efforts. Our best wishes will always be with them.

    Mrs. Vrushali Prajapati
    Head of the Department: Information Technology(PGPI)

    Our department is set with all new equipments, facilities and modern ideas and the faculty members strive to be up-to-date in their field. This is how we prepare our students to accept the challenges of tomorrow very effectively. Students are equipped with practical skills. We congratulate all students for their best efforts.

    Ms. Hetal Vala
    Head of the Department: Computer Eng.(PGPI)

    The students of first batch BHMS were like our firstborn in the family. They were all co-operative, sincere, and studious during their study in college. They were also involved in various extra-curricular activities with utmost proficiency. They were indeed a complete package of ideal college students with versatility in various aspects. I wish all the best for their future ahead.

    Dr. S. Paul
    Reader, Dept. of Materia Medica
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